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Bring the cold to your table

Amaze your players with hundreds of the best snow battle maps, and bring your campaign to life!​

  • 100+ immersive snow maps (& night versions)

  • FoundryVTT-ready packs (pre-built with animated lighting, ambient sounds, and detailed walling)

  • New map packs every week

  • An exclusive GM Discord community

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Join over 700 game masters

"Moonlight Maps makes it all so easy! I just build my campaigns around the maps!" - Becky (Patron)

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Moonlight Maps city tavern ttrpg dnd map
Moonlight Maps snow village ttrpg dnd map

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Maps? You got it!

  • Weekly maps (VTT & print quality)

  • Core map (grid & no grid)

  • Archive access to 100+ Surveyor maps!

  • Discord community access

New map every week!

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All the maps!

  • All previous rewards

  • Archive access to all 1000+ maps! (10+ maps and variants in all 100+ map packs)

New map pack every week!

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You want it all + sprinkles!

  • All previous rewards

  • All 1000+ maps

  • Foundry VTT map packs (current & future months)

  • Encounters & adventures

  • Moulinette integration

  • 50% shop discount


New content every week!

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"My players are SO impressed with the maps...they're instantly transported into my world!" - Keith

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"THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Your map saved my session!"
- VaxNStax

Thank you!

The support of hundreds of GMs/DMs and players all over the world makes all of this possible!

My free community map packs, free weekly maps, and ongoing regular content, are all possible because of patrons like you! Whether you are a patron, share my social media posts, or just receive my weekly newsletter, you are making a huge positive impact on the TTRPG community!

Thank you!

If you like what I do, consider becoming a patron. You make a difference. Really.

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