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Greetings world builder!

Looking for the best TTRPG maps for your sci-fi campaign?

Moonlight Maps paints unique atmospheric hand-drawn battle maps for sci-fi TTRPGs, ready for you to bring your campaign to life!

Want new maps for your next cyber adventure? Patrons get new map packs (VTT and print quality), assets (to customise your maps), pre-built FoundryVTT packs with walls, animated ambient lighting, and dynamic sounds, every week! As well as access to the growing archives!

Join a community of like-minded TTRPG GMs and enhance your game today!

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Unlock the future

Get 2 months FREE when you subscribe for a year!


Maps. No hassle.

The perfect place to get the best maps for your adventures!

Patrons get a new map pack every week, pre-built FoundryVTT packs (with walls, ambient animated lighting, and dynamic sounds), and assets (to customise your maps)!

My battle maps are designed for VTT and print, so you can play the maps at your table, or online!

My free community map packs, free weekly maps, on top of my regular content, are all possible because of patrons like you!

The monthly support of DMs and players all over the world makes all of this possible!

If you like what I do, consider becoming a patron. You make a difference. Really.

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Maps. With life!

All Moonlight Maps come with an accompanying pre-built FoundryVTT map pack which includes -

  • Detailed walls

  • Dynamic animated lighting

  • Ambient sounds

  • All maps & variants

You and your players can now experience your campaign world in an immersive dynamic environment, with sci-fi maps made to impress with Foundry VTT!

Join my Patreon community as a Celestial Archivist and unlock your Foundry VTT content today!

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